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Do you already live on your sailboat, want to live on your boat in the foreseeable future or just spend a lot of time on the boat? Then you surely know the following problems:

  • The pots you have don’t fit next to each other on the stove.
  • In general you seem to have too little space on the boat
  • You live at anchor for a long time and you wonder where to get fresh water.
  • You have success fishing, but you don’t know how to preserve the fish.
  • You wonder what it’s really like to cook on the road and not just live on water and cookies.
  • You’re starting to run out of ideas about what to cook on board.
  • There is a fixed repertoire of food, but you would like to try something different.
  • Sauces are super tasty, but how do you make them yourself with simple on-board tools?
  • It’s nice to have the recipes available online, but once you’re out of the marina there’s no reception.

Conjuring up something delicious with simple on-board means is no longer a problem with this book.

What you get:

  • Over 100 pages of background information on cooking aboard a sailboat.
  • The special needs of an on-board kitchen are considered in all recipes.
  • The recipes you found online are here again and many more.
  • Great time saver: You don’t need to buy other books anymore. Here I have summarized everything important for you in one book.
  • Novel approach: you will find in the book not only recipes, but also many useful tips and tricks that will help you with daily life on board
  • Takeaway: As an eBook, you can always have it at hand on your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Always ready for you.
  • Convenient format: I’ve converted it to PDF just for you, so you can print out your favorite recipes if you need to.
  • Recipes that really work: All the recipes I present I have also tried and tested myself in my galley. Some adapted and summarized for you
  • Bread recipes that are delicious: My first attempts at baking bread totally backfired, even though I followed the recipe. After much testing, I have now written down my best recipes that really work here.

What do others say about the Sailors Galley?

“I’m thrilled to have finally found a decent guide to on-board cooking that’s also practical and written in a way that’s easy to understand.”

Brigitte, from SY Amélie


“I have great fun with this cookbook! A super selection of different recipes that bring back summer and vacation feelings.
In addition, I really liked the “theory” part at the beginning – super tips on preserving and a lot of knowledge about nutrition, which I found extremely useful despite previous education in this area. And at the same time very understandably written, with humor super conveyed! Really all-round knowledge on the subject well summarized.
Not only for the Sailors Galley – I also have a lot of fun at home without a boat :)”



“A big praise for your cookbook, it all worked out great.
There are not only the delicious recipes, of which I have already cooked many and which have also found great praise and approval in my circle of friends, but also good information about the commodity science and about nutrition. Important and interesting, I also find the topic about the preservation of food, as well as useful tips and tricks.
All in all, a successful cookbook and an enrichment of my board kitchen.”

Inge, from SY Ingeborg

About the author: Ursula Münchinger

Ursula comes from Germany and after graduating from high school she trained as a farmer. After that she studied ecological agriculture and discovered her love for sailing.

Since May 2016 she lives on her own sailboat with her partner. In Germany, she has broken up everything and sold it. There are only three moving boxes waiting for her in her parents’ basement. Since then, they have sailed together through the English Channel, the Bay of Biscay and the Mediterranean. She loves cooking, baking and trying new things. Always a bit unusual, warm and curious about the world.